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If you’re here, it means you need a faster & less stressing method of obtaining your driver’s license. You Must have asked yourself ” can i buy a registered driver’s license online”?

Your Answer is Yes! and We are here to make your dream come true.

Do you know how to drive well and do not want to spend or waste a lot of money to get your driving license? Have you on several occasions failed the driving test in any European Country? for more than 20 years in the EU,it has been very difficult to pass the driving license examination due to the complex procedures for obtaining the document.
We make you a registered and authentic driver’s license by using our connections in European driving schools and access to the database. The driving license is therefore not only legally obtained but also legal and registered in the IMT databases. We also Provide MPU services for people with negative traffic points or use of alcohol and drugs

Buy Registered & Authentic Driver’s License Online

To get the EU driver’s license with us, you do not need to go to any driving school for an exam. License Fetcher has put together all necessary measures to make sure that we provide registered and legal drivers licenses for our Clients. We are in Partnership with driving schools in Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Norway, UK, Spain, France, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Netherlands.

More to that, we are in connection with insiders working in driver’s license offices all over Europe and they Guarantee us a good number of registered driver’s licenses every day. Your driver’s license process will involve us registering your name and data to a past or future exam date, so that your name is actually recognized to have taken such an exam. So we are assuring you of getting a registered drivers license of any European country from us. Contact Us

Is The License Valid?

European Driver’s Licenses are valid for 15 years, and we can change your original drivers license to another country’s driver’s license of your choice. In case your driver’s License gets lost, or expired, you can file for another one and it will be given to you since as your driver’s license is registered in the system by us. you will never have any problem with the police if you get pulled over because the license is registered in the system.

How To Get a Driver’s License From Us?

We cooperate with Major schools in the EU where hundreds of European drivers pass each year. To Produce your license, Your file will be processed under the name of one of these numerous schools, with consistency and professionalism, so there is no visible difference between our license and that from the driving school. We sign up for the theoretical and practical exam and you will succeed automatically. Your driving license is then delivered to one of these driving schools, which they will send to us on behalf of our partnership. After registration of the license in the IMT files through our contacts there, We will send the license to you via a freight agency. We deliver absolutely all categories of driving licenses in Europe, from subcategories of category A to two-wheel vehicles for subcategories of category D for passenger transporters including subcategories Categories B and C for light vehicles and trucks. For more information about license categories in Europe, click on the following link Driving license categories in Europe. To get your driver’s license from us, simply enter in this form the categories of driving license you want and other requested information that will be used for processing your driver’s License.

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