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MPU Test. Welcome to MPU Consulting, we are professionals and give all our customers 100% EU driving license. We also provide support for customers who have an MPU Edition driver license. We offer a registered driving license for Germany, Austria, UK, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic & Other European Countries. if you have to take an MPU test because of alcohol, drugs, bad traffic points and other offenses or reason, click here

For our customers who want to pass the driving test, we also offer vehicle test theory and practice.

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MPU preparation
In the medical-psychological examination, the client’s driving ability is checked by a traffic psychologist. The MPU report should record and predict whether the person will behave properly on the street in the future.

The failure rate of unprepared participants is extremely high. In 2015 the total diarrhea rate was around 40%. Of these, over 90% of all participants were unprepared.

We have already brought hundreds of customers through the “idiot test” and can almost guarantee you a positive opinion based on our experience.

License new acquisitions

Have you lost your driver’s license in Germany and want to return to your driver’s license? We give you the opportunity to legally get a completely new driver’s license.

To be eligible, you must be an EU citizen and follow your country’s laws throughout the process. Our job is to guide you through the process – you don’t have to worry about a thing.

In the end, you have a valid and legal EU driving license from the EU abroad.

Do you have a driving license that is not from the EU? Then you can have your driver’s license converted into a valid EU driver’s license.

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